Is Chipotle Gluten-Free? Your Go-To Gluten-Free Chipotle Menu

Yes, Chipotle has a selection of gluten-free dishes for you to enjoy. That includes their famous burrito bowl, salad, and chips.

You’re craving Chipotle, but you’re also gluten-free. You might be left wondering, “Is Chipotle gluten-free?” 

Well, lucky you, Chipotle is aware of the demand for gluten-free food that caters to people with dietary restrictions. In fact, they openly label some of their dishes as gluten-free. 

Want to satisfy your Mexican cravings? Let’s explore the Chipotle gluten-free menu here and discover what makes these mouthwatering dishes celiac-friendly. 

Don’t let dietary restrictions keep you from enjoying your favorite fast-food chain!

Can Celiacs Go To Chipotle

An image of Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant

Yes, you can definitely go to Chipotle if you’re a celiac. They’ve got quite a few gluten-free options on their menu. 

Chipotle is committed to serving customers with dietary restrictions, ensuring you can enjoy a meal without worrying about gluten contamination. Most of their menu items,

Also, Chipotle’s food preparation practices are designed to prevent cross-contamination. But be cautious with the flour tortillas as they contain gluten. Ingredients. But worry not, because dishes with flour tortillas are the primary no-go’s for you.

What is Chipotle Best Known For

So, what makes Chipotle Mexican Grill famous for diners? 

It’s well-known for its customizable Mexican-inspired dishes emphasizing fresh, high-quality ingredients. As you build your meal at Chipotle, you’re not just grabbing a quick bite but prioritizing personal preference and food quality.

You can customize your dishes with various bases like burritos, bowls, salads, and more. And yes, you can select from different proteins, toppings, and sauces that cater to your dietary preferences. 

This flexibility is a hallmark of Chipotle’s approach to food service, making it a standout in the fast-casual dining scene. It’s not just about serving food; it’s about serving you a personal, satisfying, and high-quality dining experience. 

What’s Gluten-Free at Chipotle

Looking to maintain your gluten-free diet while indulging in Chipotle’s diverse menu? You’ll be pleased to know that their Burrito Bowl, Salad, and Lifestyle. 

All these dishes are not just safe for you; they’re also delectable and will surely satisfy your tummy.

Burrito Bowl

An image of Chipotle burrito bowl with a drinks by it.

Want a fantastic dish that is naturally gluten-free? Then, this famous Chipotle burrito bow is your best bet!

This versatile, nutritious meal lets you choose from a white or brown rice base topped with black or pinto beans. For protein, options such as chicken, steak, carnitas, barbacoa, or veggies abound.

Chipotle’s commitment to quality, fresh ingredients ensures a delicious and healthy meal. Accommodating dietary needs is a breeze with their customizable menu.

So, if you’re strictly minding your gluten intake, a Chipotle burrito bowl gives you control over your meal, catering to your tastes and dietary requirements. 

Chipotle’s Chips

An image of a bowl full of Chipotle chips with queso on the side

How about a great appetizer or side? Then, you might wonder, “Are Chipotle chips gluten-free?”

Well, as for the tortilla chips, they’re typically gluten-free as they are mainly from corn. But remember, there could be a risk of cross-contamination because they’re fried in the same oil as food with gluten-containing grains. 

It’s vital to ensure that your food is safe for everyone. Here’s a quick reference for you:

Burrito BowlYes

This table provides a clear understanding of which Chipotle items are gluten-free. Use this information to serve others better, keeping their health and dietary needs at the forefront.


A plate of Chipotle salad topped with corn salsa and different dressing by it

When ordering a salad, it’s possible to customize it to fit any dietary needs. And lucky you, you’re up for tons of options, including various proteins, beans, and vegetables.

At Chipotle, you can start with a base of fresh lettuce and tailor your salad according to your preferences.

If you want to maintain a gluten-free diet, avoiding certain ingredients is crucial. For instance, tortilla strips could contain gluten, so it’s best to avoid them.

Chipotle also offers a range of dressings and toppings for your salad. You can choose the basic combination of corn salsa, romaine lettuce, and chipotle honey vinaigrette.

Crispy Corn Tortilla

A top view image of Chipotle corn tortillas

Opting for crispy corn tortillas can be your meal if you’re not overly sensitive to potential cross-contamination. Corn tortillas typically don’t contain gluten, making them a safe bet for those avoiding gluten.

However, you should be aware that even though corn tortillas are inherently gluten-free, the risk of cross-contamination exists in a busy kitchen where other gluten-containing items are prepared. 

Therefore, clearly communicating your dietary needs to the restaurant staff is essential. This way, they can take extra precautions to minimize the risk.

Want to explore your choices? Qdoba is another delightful Mexican fast-food chain that you may be interested in discovering more about the gluten-free menu.

What To Avoid in Chipotle if You’re Celiac

When you’re exploring the Chipotle menu with a gluten sensitivity or celiac disease, there are certain items you’ll want to steer clear of to ensure your meal is safe.

Burritos, soft shell tacos, and quesadillas are just a few of these offenders, often containing gluten or being susceptible to cross-contamination due to shared preparation surfaces.


An image of bitten Chipotle burrito

You’ll have to skip the burritos at Chipotle if you’re on a gluten-free diet since their tortillas contain gluten. But don’t be disheartened; there’s still a variety of options for you to enjoy.

Chipotle accommodates dietary restrictions and offers a wide range of gluten-free alternatives. For instance, consider a burrito bowl instead, which lets you enjoy the same fillings without the gluten-laden tortilla. 

If you’re craving a handheld meal, go for the corn-based hard shell tacos, which are gluten-free.

Always mention your dietary needs to the staff to avoid cross-contamination. Remember, it’s important for you to enjoy your meal, but protecting your health is even more critical.

Soft Shell Tacos

A close-up image of a soft-shell tacos on a plate.

Unfortunately, soft-shell tacos aren’t an option since they’re made with flour tortillas. 

Flour tortillas contain gluten, a protein found in wheat that can trigger adverse reactions in people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities. 

Given the popularity of gluten-free diets, you’d think there’d be a corn-based alternative, but that’s not the case at Chipotle. All their soft-shell tacos are made with flour tortillas.

However, don’t let this discourage you. There are still plenty of gluten-free options to enjoy at Chipotle. You can opt for a burrito bowl or a salad, both of which are gluten-free when you avoid certain toppings.


A close-up image of a quesadillas on a ceramic plate

When considering Chipotle’s menu for gluten-free options, it’s crucial to be aware that quesadillas typically use flour tortillas. So, it’s a strictly no-go for you. 

It’s essential to remember this when ordering, as avoiding gluten is key to maintaining your health and well-being if you have a gluten intolerance or celiac disease. 

Remember, knowledge is power when managing dietary restrictions and making informed decisions.

Other Trusted Gluten-Free Fast-Food Chain

You’re not limited to Chipotle if you’re on the hunt for gluten-free fast food options. Explore the menu at Jersey Mike’s, Wendy’s, and In-N-Out Burger, all of which accommodate gluten-free diets.

Jersey Mike’s

An image of Jersey Mike's building on a sunny day

At Jersey Mike’s, you’ve got the option to order a Sub in a Tub or select a gluten-free bread if it’s available. This Sub in a Tub option lets you enjoy your favorite sandwich fillings without the gluten-packed bun because it’s served conveniently in a bowl. 

But, mind you, not all ingredients are gluten-free. So, make sure to ask for the specifics when ordering.

If you’re after a more traditional sandwich experience, some Jersey Mike’s locations also offer gluten-free bread. 


An image of Wendy's signage with a sky backdrop

Although Wendy’s doesn’t have a specific menu for those with dietary restrictions, they’ve made certain salads, baked potatoes, and burger options adaptable by skipping the bun. 

And know that you’re not limited to just these options; they’re the most straightforward to adjust.

Gluten-Free OptionsAdjustments Needed
SaladsAvoid croutons, certain dressings
Baked PotatoesNo adjustments needed
BurgersSkip the bun

In-N-Out Burger

A light-up signage of In-N-Out Burger set on a dark setting

In-N-Out Burger got a more limited menu, but they’ve got a neat trick up their sleeve with the protein-style burgers, which are lettuce-wrapped. 

This offering is a boon for gluten-free people because gluten-containing bread is now out of the equation. 

While the protein-style burgers are inherently gluten-free, they’re prepared in the same kitchen space as other items that contain gluten. It may not be a risk-free choice if you’ve got a severe gluten allergy or celiac disease. 

Expert Tips

You’ll need to be careful when ordering at Chipotle if you’re avoiding gluten, as there’s always a risk of cross-contamination due to shared preparation areas. However, it is possible to enjoy a meal there by following these expert tips:

  • Communication: Inform the staff of your dietary restrictions. This can prevent accidental contamination.
  • Timing: Avoid peak hours. The increased kitchen activity might increase the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Choice: Be selective. Certain items have a higher risk of containing gluten.

Remember, serving others often starts with taking care of yourself. By being mindful of your dietary needs, you’re setting a strong example for those around you to do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Chipotle Ensure There Is No Cross-Contamination With Gluten in Their Kitchen?

Chipotle diligently trains its staff on food safety, including gluten cross-contamination prevention. They’re vigilant about cleaning surfaces and using separate utensils, ensuring you enjoy a gluten-free meal when ordering from their menu.

Does Chipotle Offer Any Certified Gluten-Free Options?

Yes, you’ll find certified gluten-free options at Chipotle. Most of their menu is gluten-free, except for flour tortillas.

What Gluten-Free toppings are there in Chipotle?

Chipotle boasts a vast selection of gluten-free toppings that would be your meal’s best buddy. The most common selections are sour cream, corn salsa, fajita vegetables, fresh tomato salsa, and guacamole. 

How Often Does Chipotle Update Their Allergen Menu?

Chipotle doesn’t have a set schedule for updating its allergen menu. You’ll need to regularly check their website or ask in-store to stay informed about any changes to their gluten-free offerings.

Can I Order a Customized Gluten-Free Meal at Chipotle?

Yes, you can customize a gluten-free meal at Chipotle. They have various gluten-free options; you can choose what goes into your bowl, salad, or tacos.


So, is Chipotle gluten-free and safe for you to dine in? 

Absolutely! Chipotle is well-known for its gluten-free options like the burrito bowls and salads. They’re also committed to ensuring customers know what’s in their food by organizing an allergen menu.

Want to know more about the gluten content in other food and drinks? Check out my full list here: What Is Gluten In?

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