Is Ferrero Rocher Gluten-Free

Is Ferrero Rocher Gluten-Free? An image of five wrapped Ferrero Rocher Chocolates set on a dark background

No, Ferrero Rocher’s wafer contains a significant amount of wheat. That makes these chocolate balls unsafe for a gluten-free diet. Valentine’s is around the corner, and you’ve been eyeing the box of Ferrero Rocher as your perfect gift to your partner. But you remember, they’re on a strict gluten-free diet.  You now wonder, “Is Ferrero … Read more

Are Jack In The Box Tacos Gluten-Free?

Are Jack In The Box? An image of Jack In The Box store front

[rank_math_breadcrumbs] No, their tacos are not gluten-free as the shells are made from wheat. Aside from that, Jack in the Box’s kitchen isn’t gluten-free friendly. Imagine craving a good taco meal when you come across Jack in the Box. You’re now wondering, “Are Jack in the Box Tacos gluten-free?” Unfortunately, they’re not.  The taco shells … Read more

What’s Gluten-Free at Applebee’s

Gluten-Free at Applebee's? A photograph of Applebees building at night

Applebee’s has a selection of menu items with gluten-free ingredients. However, the risk of gluten-contamination in their busy kicthen is extremely high. Imagine driving across Applebees and suddenly craving for American-styled dishes. But you’re on a gluten-free diet, so you’re left wondering what’s gluten-free at Applebee’s.  Don’t fret! This article’s got you covered. While there’s … Read more

Are Whoppers Gluten-Free?

Are Whoppers Gluten-Free? An image of box of Whoppers chocolate balls

Sadly, these malt chocolate balls are not for people on a gluten-free diet. Whoppers chocolates contain barley malt and wheat flour, which will surely get your glutened. Okay, imagine cluelessly munching these delectable milk balls, but then the hint of malt hits your taste buds. You’re now worried about your gluten-free diet and asking, “Are … Read more

Are Maltesers Gluten-Free?

Are Maltesers Gluten-Free? A bunch of Maltesers Chocolate Balls

No, Maltesers are not gluten-free as it contains malted barley. That ingredients is filled with gluten, making it unsafe for people with celiac disease. You’re a fan of these delectable milk chocolate balls called Maltesers, but you’re now on a gluten-free diet. So lately, you’ve been wondering, “Are Maltesers gluten-free?” And we get you. If … Read more

Is Guinness Gluten-Free?

An image of a person's hand, holding a pint full of carbonated Guinness stout

No, Guinness stouts are not gluten-free because it contains roasted and malted barley, which contains gluten. Drinking this stout while suffering from celiac disease can trigger unwanted effects. You’ve heard the buzz about gluten-free diets and now wonder, “Is Guinness gluten-free?” Sadly, If you’re cutting off your gluten intake, you must avoid this iconic Irish … Read more