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What is Free From Flour?

Hey all! I’m John Benedict, and I love cooking tasty foods that are gluten-free. I’ve done a ton of research to know which foods have gluten in them and find the best ways to cook without it.

Are you someone who can’t eat gluten, or just want to try foods without it? Or maybe you’re curious to find out whether a certain food or drink contains gluten. Then look no further – you’re in the right place!

By exploring Free From Flour, you’ll find new ideas and gluten-free recipes for meals, snacks, and even drinks, all without gluten. Together, we can enjoy the yummy world of gluten-free foods!

Latest Posts

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    No, Milky Way bars are not advised for celiac or people on a gluten-free diet. Most Milky Way bars have nougat, which contains malted barley. … Read more
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    Yes, there are Nesquik products you can enjoy, like their Ready-To-Drink products. However, most of their syrups and powdered products have a “may contain gluten” … Read more
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    Sadly, enriched wheat flour is a vital ingredient in every Twix chocolate bars. Meaning, these sweets are naturally harmful for your diet. You’re craving a … Read more
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  • Are Werthers Gluten-Free?
    Werther’s passed the requirements of the FDA for it to be considered gluten-free. However, Werther’s Original US doesn’t certify their products as gluten-free because of … Read more