Are Werthers Gluten-Free?

Werther’s passed the requirements of the FDA for it to be considered gluten-free. However, Werther’s Original US doesn’t certify their products as gluten-free because of the risk of gluten contamination and the remaining gluten content.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’ve probably once craved the rich and robust caramel flavor of Werther’s Original. But as someone on a gluten-free diet, you probably wonder, “Are Werthers gluten-free?”

Truth be told, the answer is much more complicated than you’ve imagined. Why? Because it depends on where you are. 

It’s considered gluten-free in Europe as it passed the FDA requirements for having less than 20ppm gluten content. But in the US, Wether’s candies are not labeled gluten-free because they still have wheat gluten. 

But in terms of safety, where do you stand? Read on to explore the ins and outs of Werther’s Original for a safe indulgence in these sweets.

What Is Werther’s Original

A bunch of Werther's Original Caramel Candies

Werther’s is a candy brand known for its creamy and rich caramel candies, especially the famous Werther’s Original. 

Honestly, it’ll be hard to find someone who’s not into these candies’ smooth, buttery flavor. Since its inception over a century ago, Werther’s has been winning hearts with its high-quality ingredients and the indulgent caramel flavor that’s distinctly its own.

Available in various flavors and varieties, there’s a Werther’s candy for every palate. It’s not just a candy for children; people of all ages enjoy Werther’s candies. 

In fact, Werther’s is dedicated to serving everyone by producing allergen and diet-friendly candies. There is a wide selection of dairy-free and sugar-free products in their arsenal. 

Werther’s On A Gluten-Free Diet

A piece of Werther's Original Candy on a person's palm

So, can you enjoy the bites of this sweet and caramelized chocolate? Well, it mainly depends on your sensitivity to gluten. 

You see, the glucose syrup sourced gluten to the product. However, all gluten-free Werther’s products have undergone a process to remove gluten into less than 20 ppm.

So, you only need to be cautious with these candies if you’re a celiac and have a severe reaction to gluten because even a slight touch of gluten can trigger your allergy. 

You should consult your physician before introducing new foods into your gluten-free diet. Remember, your health and well-being come first. Making informed decisions about your diet is crucial, keeping your specific needs and sensitivities in mind.

Why Werther’s Orginal Is Not Certified as Gluten-Free

An image of wrapped Werther's Original Candy on a red background

So, are Werther’s Original products gluten-free? 

Sadly, these delectable candies are not labeled as certified gluten-free despite meeting the necessary criteria of the FDA. 

Werther’s Original, both in Europe and the US, claims their candies are within the gluten-free limit. 

However, they’ve chosen not to label their products as gluten-free because of the risk of gluten contamination and the remaining touch of gluten. They advise that folks with gluten allergies or sensitivities consult their doctor before indulging.

This cautious approach is due to changes that might occur in their recipe and the risks of gluten contamination. They stress the importance of constantly checking the product’s ingredients.

Main Ingredients of Werther’s Original

A scoop of caramel

The combination of artificial sweetener, cream, butter, and glucose syrup is responsible for these caramel candies’ distinctive, rich flavor. But Werther’s Original doesn’t stop there. 

They add a few more ingredients to contribute to these candies’ irresistible natural and artificial flavor.

  • Whey Permeate: A dairy-derived ingredient enhances the caramel flavor, making it creamier and richer.
  • Salt: A dash is added to balance the sweetness, providing a subtle contrast.
  • Artificial Flavors: These recreate the classic caramel taste Werther’s is known for, ensuring consistency in every piece.

While the candies aren’t certified gluten-free, glucose syrup is often considered safe for those with gluten sensitivities in some regions.

Gluten-Free Alternatives for Werther’s

So you’re a celiac, and you realized avoiding these caramel candies is wise. You’re now asking, “Are there any delicious gluten-free alternatives to Werther’s Original?”

Well, you’re in luck.

Explore these renowned chocolate brands that offer treats for everyone to enjoy. Yes, despite you’re gluten restrictions!


An image of Snickers chocolate bars with different texts on their packaging

According to Mars’ official website, Snickers bars aren’t a cause for concern for those with gluten sensitivities.

They’ve diligently taken measures to prevent cross-contamination during production, making this treat a safe option if you’re gluten-sensitive. However, checking the label for potential ingredient changes is always in your best interest.

Manufacturers can change their recipes or production processes. That could introduce gluten to your gluten-free foods. 


An image of Toblerone bar

Remember to check the label on that Toblerone you’re eyeing, as ingredients can occasionally change. 

You know, it’s a common practice amongst folks like us with gluten sensitivity to ensure that your food is safe for us. Toblerone is generally considered gluten-free, but it’s always a smart move to double-check.

Here’s a quick look at the common ingredients:

IngredientGluten-Free Status
Whole Milk PowderYes
Cocoa ButterYes


A selection of bite-sized Lindt chocolate

If you aim to satisfy your sweet craving without compromising your health, then Lindt chocolates are just for you. 

There’s a wide selection of gluten-free chocolates that Lindt offers for you to enjoy. 

The company provides this information on its website, helping you make informed choices. They’re committed to rigorous quality control measures, which significantly minimize the risk of cross-contamination during production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can People With Celiac Disease Safely Consume Werther’s Original?

You can safely enjoy Werther’s Original if you have celiac disease. They’re gluten-free, meaning they don’t contain wheat, barley, or rye, which harms those with this condition. 

Are There Any Gluten-Free Products in the Werther’s Range?

Yes, they do. Most of Werther’s Original hard candies are gluten-free, ensuring those with dietary restrictions can still enjoy their sweet, creamy taste. Always check labels for confirmation.

Does the Werther’s Manufacturing Process Involve Any Cross-Contamination With Gluten?

While they strive to prevent it, they can’t guarantee it. So, if you’re extremely sensitive to gluten, it’s better to be cautious with Werther’s candies.

Are Werther’s Original Sugar-Free?

Yes, Werther’s has an option for you if you’re seeking sugar-free products. You can enjoy their hard caramel, caramel chocolate, caramel coffee, and chewy caramel even if you’re cutting off your sugar intake.  

Are Werther’s Original Nut-Free?

If you’re allergic to peanuts, you’ll be glad that all of Werther’s Original candies are absolutely nut-free


So, are Werthers gluten-free?

Well, there is good and bad news for you. Werther’s Originals met the FDA’s standard for gluten-free foods, making them safe for people on a gluten-free diet. 

But hold your horses! If you’re celiac or have a severe gluten allergy, you need to know that Werther’s is not certified gluten-free. The faint touch of gluten from the remaining 20ppm content and the risk of gluten contamination can still harm you.

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