Is Nesquik Gluten-Free?

Is Nesquik Gluten-Free? An image of Nesquik can with bread and cup

Yes, there are Nesquik products you can enjoy, like their Ready-To-Drink products. However, most of their syrups and powdered products have a “may contain gluten” warning to its respective packaging. You’re looking for another delectable chocolate drink for your gluten-free diet, and you come across the vibrant bottle of Nesquik. You’re now wondering, “Is Nesquik … Read more

Are Werthers Gluten-Free?

Are Werthers Gluten-Free? An image of wrapped Werther's Original Caramel candies

Werther’s passed the requirements of the FDA for it to be considered gluten-free. However, Werther’s Original US doesn’t certify their products as gluten-free because of the risk of gluten contamination and the remaining gluten content. If you have a sweet tooth, you’ve probably once craved the rich and robust caramel flavor of Werther’s Original. But … Read more

Is Snickers Gluten-Free?

Is Snickers Gluten-Free? An image of bunch of Snickers Mini Chocolate Bars

Snickers offers their chocolate bars gluten-free, making sure that no gluten-containing ingredients go to the product. However, Mars Inc. didn’t labeled Snickers as gluten-free because of cross-contamination risk. Are you a chocoholic craving a satisfying Snickers bar? What would happen if you suddenly need to go gluten-free? Do you need to give up your sweet … Read more

Is Krackel Gluten-Free?

Is Krackel Gluten-Free? An image of Hershey's miniature bars with Krackel bars

Krackels bars don’t have any gluten-containing ingredients, so it could be good for you gluten-free diet. But remember, it’s not listed a gluten-free because of the potential gluten exposure during the production. Caution is advised for celiacs. You’re eyeing that crispy and sweet Krackel bar, but you’re on a strict gluten-free diet. You’re now wondering, … Read more

Are Popeyes Fries Gluten-Free?

Are Popeyes Fries Gluten-Free? A photograph of Popeyes fast-food chain

No, Popeyes fries is coated with wheat flour so it’s not suitable for your diet. Also, Popeyes kitchen is not gluten-free friendly, dining here is a risk your health Want a quick snack grab at Popeyes, but you’re on a gluten-free diet? You’re probably wondering, ‘Are Popeyes fries gluten-free?’ Sadly, Popeyes fries are not gluten-free. … Read more

Is Texas Roadhouse Gluten-Free?

Is Texas Roadhouse Gluten-Free? An image of Texas Roadhouse restaurant

Yes, there are selection of gluten-free items at Texas Roadhouse, like their steaks, salmon, and other side dishes. But remember that their kitchen is not celiac-friendly, so caution is advised. Your friends are planning to dine at Texas Roadhouse for some American dishes. But you’re mindful about your gluten intake, so you’re worried, “Is Texas … Read more

Is Wendy’s Gluten-Free?

Is Wendy's Gluten-Free? An image of Wendy's establishment

You can enjoy Wendy’s lettuce-wrapped sandwiches and a selection of salads even if you’re on a gluten-free diet. But remember, there’s still a gluten-contamination risk in their kitchen. So Caution is advised. Have you been craving a delectable cheeseburger, french fries, and nice baked potatoes? Then, Wendy’s waving her hand at you! But if you … Read more

Is Culver’s Gluten-Free?

Is Culver's gluten-free? An image of Culver's store front

Culver’s offers gluten-free versions of their famous dishes like the ButterBurger. But remember, they don’t operate on a gluten-free environment so there’s still a high chance of gluten-contamination. You’ve been wanting to dine at Culver’s and try their famous ButterBurgers, but then you’re a celiac. You’re now wondering, “Is Culver’s gluten-free? While they do offer … Read more

Is Arby’s Gluten-Free?

Is Arby's Gluten-Free? An image of Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich restaurant

Arby’s has a wide selection of gluten-free menu items. Regarding the risks of cross-contamination, Arby’s staffs are trained use different kitchen utensils when prepping meals for celiacs. Suddenly craving a quality meat of Arby’s but remembered you’re on a gluten-free diet? You might fall into a dilemma asking, “Is Arby’s gluten-free?” Luckily, this fast-food chain … Read more

Is Hershey’s Chocolate Gluten-Free

Is Hershey's Chocolate Gluten-Free? An image of Hershey's milk chocolate bars with biscuits on the table

Hershey’s offers a selection of gluten-free chocolate, candy, and other products. However, always be mindful and check the packaging to ensure you’re safely steering away to any gluten. Imagine having an intense sweet tooth while on a gluten-free diet. Then you open your fridge and see a pack of enticing Herhsey’s chocolate.  You’re now in … Read more