Are Popeyes Fries Gluten-Free?

Are Popeyes Fries Gluten-Free? A photograph of Popeyes fast-food chain

No, Popeyes fries is coated with wheat flour so it’s not suitable for your diet. Also, Popeyes kitchen is not gluten-free friendly, dining here is a risk your health Want a quick snack grab at Popeyes, but you’re on a gluten-free diet? You’re probably wondering, ‘Are Popeyes fries gluten-free?’ Sadly, Popeyes fries are not gluten-free. … Read more

Is Texas Roadhouse Gluten-Free?

Is Texas Roadhouse Gluten-Free? An image of Texas Roadhouse restaurant

Yes, there are selection of gluten-free items at Texas Roadhouse, like their steaks, salmon, and other side dishes. But remember that their kitchen is not celiac-friendly, so caution is advised. Your friends are planning to dine at Texas Roadhouse for some American dishes. But you’re mindful about your gluten intake, so you’re worried, “Is Texas … Read more

Are Jack In The Box Tacos Gluten-Free?

Are Jack In The Box? An image of Jack In The Box store front

[rank_math_breadcrumbs] No, their tacos are not gluten-free as the shells are made from wheat. Aside from that, Jack in the Box’s kitchen isn’t gluten-free friendly. Imagine craving a good taco meal when you come across Jack in the Box. You’re now wondering, “Are Jack in the Box Tacos gluten-free?” Unfortunately, they’re not.  The taco shells … Read more

Is Jersey Mike’s Gluten-Free?

Is Jersey Mike's gluten-free? An image of Jersey Mike's exterior

Yes, Jersey Mike’s subs can be enjoyed with gluten-free bread for Udi’s and by option a Sub In A Tub. However, remember that there’s still a risk of gluten-contamination in their kitchen. All sandwich aficionados and celiacs know the struggles of finding sandwich chains that offer gluten-free subs. Well, sandwich rolls are often glutenous because … Read more

What’s Gluten-Free at Applebee’s

Gluten-Free at Applebee's? A photograph of Applebees building at night

Applebee’s has a selection of menu items with gluten-free ingredients. However, the risk of gluten-contamination in their busy kicthen is extremely high. Imagine driving across Applebees and suddenly craving for American-styled dishes. But you’re on a gluten-free diet, so you’re left wondering what’s gluten-free at Applebee’s.  Don’t fret! This article’s got you covered. While there’s … Read more

Is McDonald’s Gluten-Free?

Is McDonald's Gluten-Free? A photograph of McDonald's fast-food chain exterior

No, it’s not recommended for celiacs to dine at McDonald’s. Even though there’s a selection of gluten-free items, the risk of gluten contamination on their kitchen is extremely high. Want a quick grab of juicy burger and crispy chicken? You’re probably considering McDonald’s. But as a celiac, you’re wondering, ‘Is McDonald’s gluten-free?’  It’s a valid … Read more

Is Wendy’s Gluten-Free?

Is Wendy's Gluten-Free? An image of Wendy's establishment

You can enjoy Wendy’s lettuce-wrapped sandwiches and a selection of salads even if you’re on a gluten-free diet. But remember, there’s still a gluten-contamination risk in their kitchen. So Caution is advised. Have you been craving a delectable cheeseburger, french fries, and nice baked potatoes? Then, Wendy’s waving her hand at you! But if you … Read more

Is Culver’s Gluten-Free?

Is Culver's gluten-free? An image of Culver's store front

Culver’s offers gluten-free versions of their famous dishes like the ButterBurger. But remember, they don’t operate on a gluten-free environment so there’s still a high chance of gluten-contamination. You’ve been wanting to dine at Culver’s and try their famous ButterBurgers, but then you’re a celiac. You’re now wondering, “Is Culver’s gluten-free? While they do offer … Read more

Is Hell’s Kitchen Gluten-Free?

Is Hell's Kitchen gluten-free? An image of the inside of Hell's Kitchen

Yes, there are a lot of gluten-free options in Hell’s Kitchen for you to enjoy. In fact, they’re proactive on ensuring that your dietary needs are met when dining at their place. Imagine seeing a post about Hell’s Kitchen and suddenly craving their dishes. You ended up wondering, ‘Is Hell’s Kitchen gluten-free?’  Well, if you’re … Read more